Eaglet Program

Dynamic Solutions to Help You Leap and Fly towards your Dreams

As an Eaglet, you will get amazing support and assistance to build your business through:

1:1 Coaching

Nothing may seem scarier than full throttle on your business ideas, especially when your parents and friends think you’re completely nuts and need to get ‘a real job’.  Learning to spread your wings to fly in your personal and business goals may seem like an intimidating task. But my one-on-one, action-based coaching will give you guidance and support you need to show your family and friends you mean business.

Step by Step Action Plan

Feeling a little scattered? You know you have a great business idea, but you don’t know the first thing you need to do. Should get a logo? Or maybe you can just start dropping your products on Instagram… or maybe not? Feeling like you don’t know which way to go can be stressful in your business. This is why I can help you learn and execute the basics of business through a dynamic, step-by-step action plan to make sure your ideas take flight.

Optional Group Coaching

It’s not easy starting a business, especially on your own. Having a group of people who understands your determination and ambition is great support as you reach for your goals and embrace your experience. With my Eaglet program, you’ll have access to entrepreneurs, mentors and coaches just like you who are ready to take action on their dreams and soar into their purpose.

Eaglet Plans

The Eaglets Plan is an affordable, action-based program that will provide you with the coaching, personal development and business strategy you need to take your ideas and make them a reality. Take a look at our options and exclusive benefits only for Eaglets below.

By choosing the packages below, you’ll be prompted to schedule a discovery call with me to assess your needs.

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